YAGER - Team Listing

Team #/Name Skip Vice Second Lead Fifth
Klein, Dave Drobny, Marni Burchfield, Jessica Andreski, Chris
Kurby, Christopher Curran, Paul
Team, Bailey
Team, Curl Jam Rieck, Brian Rieck, Kris Tillman, Maren Skalski, MacKenzie
Team, Hard Rockers Ridley, Karen Clare, Paula Piper, John
Team, Hooked on the Rock!
Team, Ramos
Team, Rock Heads Dutcher, Robert Hazle, Leslie Achino, Kelly Burchfield, Jamey
Team, Rolling Stones Mielke, Chase Hanson, Lauren Barth, Nikki
Team, Sheet Show Borr, Jeff Foster, Linda Cran, Colin
Clean Sweep Team, Clean Sweep Spencley, Tyler Langworthy, Alissar Wykes, Justin Ytzen, Amanda
Curl Jam Team, Curl Jam Rieck, Kris Rieck, Brian Skalski, MacKenzie
Drunk FOOKs Team, Drunk FOOKs Kangas, Matt Francis, Corey Oberlee, Kyle Owel, Greg
Hard Rockers Team, Hard Rockers Clare, Paula Piper, John Ridley, Karen Janecke, Nannette
Nimbus Team, Nimbus Atkinson, Bree Wykes, Justin Ytzen, Amanda Atkinson, Doren
Rocky Start Team, Rocky Start Atkinson, Doren Abate, Jack Atkinson, Bree Abate, Carrie
Sandlot TBA Team, Sandlot TBA Beebe, John
Slippery Rocks Team, Slippery Rocks Janecke, Dan Clare, Terrence Maxey, Benjamin VanAllen, Erik
Storm of Vengeance Team, Storm of Vengeance Curran, Paul Kurby, Christopher Rose, Peter
Sweet Tea Line Team, Sweet Tea Line Raeck, Mitch Gatt, Amanda Johnson, Richard Bathurst, Lindsey
Team Name Team, Team Name Abate, Jack Abate, Carrie Langworthy, Alissar Spencley, Tyler
Team Plan B Team, Plan B Jensen, Michael Kur, David Thornburgh, Kylar Jensen, Logan
Team Strongarm Team, Strongarm Strong, Adam Strong, Kacey Williams, Tracy Gerken, Gaby
Thinking and Drinking Team, Thinking and Drinking Reynolds, Shelby Dixon, Mark Burchfield, Jamey
Well Buy The Beers Team, We'll Buy The Beers O'Neill, Dan O'Neill, Jessica Smith, Hannah Nichols, Heather
Wheres Jeff Team, Where's Jeff? Borr, Jeff Skalski, MacKenzie Tillman, Maren Foster, Linda
Yager Bombs Team, Yager Bombs Klein, Dave Rieck, Brian Drobny, Marni Rieck, Kris

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