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Leagues for Rookies!

If you have that Olympic ambition and have any doubt about making your dreams a reality, we can help you with that!  ...or at least knock this off your bucket list!! :)

Rookies include brand new players and other "new" players with no more than one year (i.e., 2 sessions worth) of curling experience.  If you curled in our Olympic League (half-sesson) and/or this fall in the Yager League (one session) for the first time, you are likely still considered a Rookie! :)

BEFORE you register, please refer to our League Descriptions page and note that, while it is not your only option, if you want to play with other beginners (e.g., w/0-3 years experience) your best bet is the Yager League on Sunday afternoons!  Recognizing Sunday afternoons may not work for all our Rookies, you can instead join our other Weekend League (i.e., Saturday Evenings) which has more of an instructional element and family feel to it  ...OR you can mix-in with more intermediate players (e.g., w/3-5 years experience) in our Sunday evening Sandlot League, Wednesday evening Social League, or even Friday nights!  For new players, please see our Google document on What to Know Before You Join 

Regular Rookie League: please use this link
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REGISTRATION includes completing the registration form AND PAYMENT.  Without payment we cannot guarantee your spot to play.  Similarly, if you pay but do not complete the Google form (even if you are re-registering), your registration is incomplete. Links for online payment are provided at the end of your registration form!

If you have questions about registration (after checking online), please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you have questions about your payment (after registering), please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Again, for more information on all our leagues, please refer to our League Description page.


We look forward to you joining us at the club and having you out on the ice!!




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