President - Marcus Gleaton (April 2022)*
Vice President - Krista Ragotzy (2021)*
Treasurer - Laurie Rentschler (2021)*
Secretary - John Beebe (2020)*
Membership Coordinator - John Beebe
Director - Colby Novar (2021)*
Director - Ed Brezinsky (2020)*
Director - Trevor Kraus (2022)*

Board of Trustees
Kent Elliot
Garnet Eckstrand
Tom Deater

Kalamazoo Curling Club Bylaws


 * year up for re-election at Annual Meeting held in April following Section 5.6: The annual meeting of the Directors and the Honorary Membership shall be held each year during the month of April, upon twenty (20) days notice to each Director and Honorary member at such time and place as the Directors shall determine.

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