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Health & Safety Plan

Greetings to all club members and visitors!
The following summarizes the club's main Health & Safety provisions -- subject to change...
  • Stay home if you feel sick or have a fever/other COVID-19 symptoms

  • Check-in screening questions prior to entering [bit.do/kzcc-checkin] 

  • Mask wearing recommended for anyone not vaccinated against COVID-19

  • Reporting: anyone with symptoms OR tests positive for SARS-CoV-2 must report; details below... 

While subject to change (e.g., depending on direction from the State, County Health, and Wings Event Center), the provisions listed on this page were decided on by the club's elected board members at the start of the season as "opening plan" provisions.  All aspects of the original plan and corresponding set of H&S provisions are, at any time, subject to change during the playing year.  Members can anticipate modifications to certain provisions, if or when required by state or local government, and such changes will be communicated to members through board members, league managers, and the club's communication tool (kzcc.slack).

Reporting: anyone with COVID-19 symptoms AND/OR tests positive for SARS-CoV-2 must report to the club (through their league manager).  As was done last year, rules for returning to the club (e.g., if you test positive) will largely be dictated by Kalamazoo County Health.  Currently, for example: the quarantine/self-isolation period is 14 days (and symptom-free for 24 hrs. prior to returning) for anyone who is not vaccinated and has been in close-contact w/someone who’s COVID+.  If you come in close contact with someone who has COVID but you are vaccinated, there is currently no quarantine requirement.  If, however, you do get sick (whether or not you are vaccinated), you will need to quarantine.  In other words, regardless of their vaccination status: the quarantine period is currently the same (and is not expected to change) for anyone that gets sick from, or tests positive for, COVID.

As was done last year (and are currently expected to do again this year), the club will provide specific and timely communications to all Club members, visitors, and Wings Event Center staff for mitigating potential spread.
Other provisions include, but are not limited to: masks are recommended for all players and visitors that are not vaccinated (as stated above).  Others (i.e., those that have been vaccinated) that have recently traveled or interacted with people that haven't been vaccinated (e.g., young kids), may certainly choose to wear a mask; i.e., decided individually per their own circumstances.  Also, while there is curretnly no distancing requirements for athletes (as was the case last year), the club still have signage and other provisions to avoid congregating in areas; e.g., limited use of the locker rooms.  As was the case last year, players can come "ready to play" (e.g., clothing-wise) and use the warm room to spread out and change their shoes. 
We have also returned to normal sweeping rules (per laws of the game) including 2 sweepers allowed as well as in-house sweeping, though teams and individuals may opt-out (e.g., as 2 sweepers is often barely more effective than one).  The club will also have cleaning provisions that will be handled at the league level and will include sanitizing rocks/handles required after playing (and optionally before playing).
Broomstacking is allowed for those that wish to participate (including the tradition of winning teams buying a round of beverages; optional and judgment free).

In addition, with the exception of the above and other provisions* that are subject to change throughout the year, the most recent version of thr club's full (14-page) Health & Safety Plan is documented at http://bit.do/zoosafeplan for COVID-19 mitigation provisions.
For your convenience, there is also a more illustrative and printable version at http://bit.do/zoosafeprint.  Note: the print version is non-comprehensive but covers several of the main health and safety provisions including before playing and while out on the ice!
In addition, the club's facilities undergo cleaning procedures, as well as reporting requirements for the protection of our atheletes, volunteers and Wings Event Center staff.
If you have any questions regarding the club's COVID-19 mitigation provision or the H&S Plan in general, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Established in 2008, the Kalamazoo Curling Club is a group of people who like to curl, want a place to curl, and want more people to curl with. Our five-sheet club is housed in "The ZOO" (formerly the Annex) portion of Wings Event Center, located at 3600 Vanrick Dr, in Kalamazoo, just off I-94, Exit 80 (map). 

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