The Kalamazoo Curling Club is open for anyone to enjoy the FUN, cordial and competitive sport of CURLING!...



Club Membership Benefits

  • Discounts on club merchandise and curling equipment
  • Invitations to club functions and instructional events (Skip Skool)
  • No-fee subbing in other leagues (a $20/session value)
  • Early Registration Discounts* of $50 to $100 (as shown)

* Please note that Early Registration Discounts typically end in late September for Fall Registration (e.g., usually the third Monday in Sept.) and in late December for Winter Registration (e.g., usually around December 27th) -- for exact dates please refer to the club calendar.



PLATINUM - $1,000 ($1,100)

KEYS TO THE CLUB – Literally! – You will get your own key to the club and will have unlimited practice and can play in as many leagues as you wish.  In addition, you will be a member of the United States Curling Association (USCA) and Great Lakes Curling Association (GLCA).  Note: this membership level for our winter session (only) may still be an option if you wish to make an additional donation to the club; i.e., above the current cost for Gold membership..

GOLD - $850 ($900)

Two league nights for both fall and winter sessions (or entry in leagues that run the full season) – 32 to 36 nights of curling. You will also be able to practice during the club’s preset practice times (at least once per week). You will also automatically be a member of the USCA/GLCA (a $50 value).  Note: for our winter session (only), Gold membership is the preferred option for playing in an unlimited number of leagues (i.e., starting in January).

SILVER - $500 ($550)

One League night for both fall and winter sessions (or entry into a league that runs the full season) – 16 to 18 nights of curling.  You will also be able to practice during the club’s preset practice times (at least once per week).  This membership does not include membership into the USCA/GLCA.  You can pay an additional $50 to be a member of those organizations.  Note: for our winter session (only), Silver membership is the preferred option for playing in two concurrent leagues (i.e., starting in January).

BRONZE - $275 ($325)

One session of curling (7 to 9 nights) – Can be either in our winter OR fall session.  This membership does not allow for practice times or provide membership into the USCA/GLCA ($50 extra).

Rookies - $100 ($125 after early registration period ends)

An abbreviated session of curling for beginners (i.e., Rookies w/<1 year of experience).  Junior players can qualify for an additional age-based discount (e.g., 50% off amount shown on payment form) when they register.  This membership does not provide membership into the USCA/GLCA.




Additional Benefits

You also receive the following benefits when you join the Kalamazoo Curling Club:

  • Invitations to all-member meetings and other club get togethers
  • Additional family members (same household) may register with a $50 discount
    (i.e., unless more than one family member wants to have USCA/GLCA membership) 
  • New players in full-session leagues will receive a $100 discount with their registration!...
    This discount is only for Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum memberships levels; (note:
    the same discount will be offered to new players in full-session leagues this Winter).
  • USCA newsletter with U.S. Curling Association membership (Gold & Platinum Members)
  • Membership in the Great Lakes Curling Association (Gold & Platinum Members)
  • Potential discounts on curling equipment (participation varies by vendor)
  • Dues received keep our club going including ownership & maintenance of ice equipment
  • You'll get that bucket-list item checked off and be part of this great sport in Michigan!!! 


Got a User Profile for full access?

If you are not a "User" of our club's website and underlying system for our ProShop, League Rosters and Standings, Sub Lists, Volunteer Interests, etc,... (even if you've been a member of our club in the past) please create a new USER PROFILE to gain full access to our website and its many features.  Then see "How to Join" us (next)...


How to Join the Kalamazoo Curling Club

Sign up to become a member online!

LAST UPDATED: August 2018 -- Club membership and league registrations are available as a TWO-STEP SIGN-UP process.  To play in one or more of our leagues, become a member of our club by reading the information and following the sign-up links (e.g., Bronze, Silver, Gold,...) on our registration page.  

If you need assistance signing up, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please also refer to our pages on Learn-To-Curl instructional sessions (and open curling), as well as our Google Calendar and Facebook page for other Club events.


Payment Information

Payments for membership and leagues are available online upon completion of registration -- see information on "How to Join..." (above).  Membership/League payments made electronically rely on MoonClerk™ for processing your transactions as well as keeping them secure.  The links to membership payment options will be shown at the end of the sign-up process for you to complete your registration and guarantee league play.  Alternatively, if you have already registered for leagues and just need to PAY your membership/league fee, please proceed to the payment section of our registration page.

If you are uncertain about your transactions going through, please contact the club's treasurer via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  For events that do not have online ticket sales (or the option of paying "at the door"), please bring your payment with you to the event.  Cash is usually accepted at most events, as are checks made out to Kalamazoo Curling Club (note: may required ID).

For cash payments:  If you prefer to pay with cash, please be sure to pay the exact amount and have checks made payable to: Kalamazoo Curling Club.  Your payment must be placed in a standard (e.g., white) envelope with the following Payment Information: 1) Your Name, 2) the $$ amount of your payment, and 3) which Event or Membership Level you are paying for -- i.e., Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze.  Payment information should be written on the outside of the envelope, and dropped off at the club's office.  Alternatively, to MAIL your payment ...please do NOT send cash!... write your Payment Info [i.e., Name, $$ Amt., and What it's for] on a separate piece of paper inside the envelope with your check, and mail it to the club's address:

Kalamazoo Curling Club
P.O. Box 51381
Kalamazoo, MI




To register for leagues, use the Sign-up button above.


Alternatively, you can make a donation to the Club...





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