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Winter Leagues run slightly longer than Fall (e.g., about 10 weeks long) with the exception of our Monday Schizler League which runs year-long (both Fall and Winter sessions), and our rookie/novice leagues which are shorter.  We have three Sunday Olympic Leagues that are a quick 3 weeks in March and/or April (to give you a tasts of what it feels like to play in a league) but also include our "wrap-around" offer that entitles you to come back for our Fall 2018 pre-season session (e.g., 2 additional weeks) at no additional cost.  Lastly, our Yager League, which is currently full, is also for beginners (i.e., rookies & novices) and runs 5-6 weeks competitively with additional practice/scrimmage weekends.  Times are subject to change, though usually not by much (e.g., half hour) if they do.  Detailed descriptions for each can be found further below on this page...

  • Beginners – Sunday Yager League* [late afternoons] - Jan. thru Feb. 
  • Olympic 1 – Sunday Olympic League** [late afternoons] - March 4,11,18  currently FULL!
  • Olympic 2 – Sunday Olympic League** [late afternoons] - April 8,15,22 currently FULL!
  • Olympic 3 – Sunday Olympic League** [evenings] - April 8,15,22  currently FULL!
  • Olympic 4 – Wednesday Olympic League** [evenings] - April 4,11,18 
  • Intermediate – Sunday Sandlot League [evenings] - Jan. thru March
  • Experienced  Monday Schizler League -[evenings] - Sept. thru March
  • Social Wednesday Social League [evening/night] - Jan. thru April  
  • Open – Friday Shots & Rocks League** [evening/night] - Jan. thru April

* - Yager League is an abbreviated season for new players trying leagues for the first time (early bird: $100; base cost is $125).

** - Olympic Leagues 1 & 2: base cost is $100 per person, includes club t-shirt or hat AND Fall 2018 pre-league session!  See further below for additional information and detailed league description... 

Olympic League REGISTRATION...



Olympic Leagues are in March (3/4, 3/11, 3/18) on Sunday afternoon, and April (4/8, 4/15, 4/22) on Sunday afternoons and evenings, and also Wednesday evenings in April (4/4, 4/11, 4/18).  Most of our other leagues, including Sunday Sandlot and our Wednesday Social League, for WINTER session begin in early January and will run until late March.

Each league has a designated time on the ice and a day of the week to play.  Some adjustments to start times can be anticipated from week to week (e.g., depending on ice prep.).  For holidays and other times of the year, some leagues may need to anticipate having "bye weeks".  If you want to find out which days/weeks you might have 'off' for certain leagues, you can check out the league calendar but please also verify playable vs. bye dates with league managers (see email links in descriptions below).  Also, please note that early registration discounts for our full-session leagues (which are typically $50 or $100) will vary depending on which Membership Level you choose.

Below is a complete list of leagues...  



Sunday & Wed. Olympic Leagues – Four (separate) 3-week sessions: 1 in March & 3 in April! 

Afternoon sessions in March & April [3:30-5:30pm on Sundays], Sunday & Wednesday evening sessions in April [6-8pm on Sundays, 6:30pm-8:30pm on Wednesdays]

Here's your ticket to get in on the Olympic experience!  These leagues are for people that are just starting out and have never played in a league with us before. There will be experienced curlers on hand to work with you and help teach you the game while you play.  Sign-up as a single player or with a friend, or up to three (3) people as a team.  There are several Olympic Leagues ...one on Sunday afternoons March 4, 11 & 18, and two separate sessions (Sunday afternoons & evenings) for April 8, 15 & 22.  In addition, we are also offering a special Wednesday night session for April 4, 11 & 18.  In each league you will play a mini session of 3 weeks, but you are also given the option to return in late September or early October (dates TBD) at no additional cost for our Fall 2018 pre-league session!  Heck, we'll even throw in a free merchandise item (i.e., t-shirt or winter hat) from our club store! ...And there will be other "open ice" times you can come in to practice!  New players have a separate sign-up page (here).  Before you play you will be encouraged to know the basics by attending at least one L2C session (here)  ...BUT!... spaces in our Olympic Leagues fill up fast!  So, while it's good to have done one L2C to know it works for you, we recommend registering as EARLY as you can to make sure you we save a spot for you!  If you have any questions about these leagues, please contact John.


Sunday Sandlot League - 6:30 PM 

Welcome to Sunday Night curling!  This is an OPEN league so anyone can join, but it will be made up of mostly intermediate players and above (more than 3 years of experience).  If you're looking for a more introductory league (for players with 0-3 yrs. experience), see descriptions for the Yager League; below.  The Sandlot league will run for about 8 weeks on Sundays (following the Yager League).  A complete schedule will be posted on the club's calendar.  Sign up as a full team, with a friend or as an individual (we’ll find a team for you If you need it) Questions? ...contact Marcus.


Friday Shots and Rocks League 7-9 pm

This is the Friday Shots and Rocks League!  Teams may be made up of any combination of male and female players. Entries are normally made by full teams. However, if you are interested in playing in this league and don't yet have a team, we will be happy to find you a team that is seeking an extra player. This league is a combination of new and experienced curlers. Questions about this league should be directed to Trevor.


Wednesdays 6:30-8:30

This is an ideal league for new curlers, with an emphasis on getting to know people and playing (semi-competitive)!  The league has a wide range of skill levels, beginners to experienced players, and is a great opportunity for new curlers to learn the game or for more experienced players to de-stress with a fun game of curling.  Players are grouped based on experience and then randomly selected on teams. New teams are re-drawn every 3 to 4 weeks, giving players the opportunity to play and socialize with many different members during the season. Individual points accumulated through the season determine end of season awards.  Questions?...contact Will.


Mondays [6:30-8:30 PM]  – Year long league:  September thru March

Our Schizler League  is our most competitive league and is open to all club members.  We play on Monday night ...all the way through the entire year-long season!  These Monday nights are a lot of fun and pretty competitive too!  Many teams will be pre-assembled by individuals who have curled in this league before, but even if you're not that expereienced and this is the only night that works for you, let us know and we'll try to find a good team for you!  Note that, because of the extended/year-long season for this league, you must sign up at the club's Silver Membership level or higher.  For additional information send an email to Marcus.


Sunday Yager League [3:30-5:30pm] – Abbreviated Session: January & February (ending 2/18)

If you have never curled before or maybe just came out for a Learn to Curl, this is a great league for new curlers!  This league is for people that are just starting out and have never curled in one of our leagues before. There will be experienced curlers on hand to work with you and help teach you the game while you play.  Sign-up as a single player or with a friend, or up to three (3) people as a team.  Beginners will play an abbreviated session with ~5 weeks of play, so the commitment isn't as long as our normal leagues, but it will definitely get you curling! ...and we often throw in an free Sunday before your season begins.  New players have a separate sign-up page (here) and are encouraged to attend at least one L2C session (here).  If you have any questions about this league, please contact John.

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