SHOTS & ROCKS - Team Listing

Team #/Name Skip Vice Second Lead
Team Aaberg Aaberg, Chad Ozolins, Val Heywood, Leann Vitale, Richard
Team Blaske Mallett, Christiane Mallett, Christiane Raeck, Mitch
Team Cross Over BYE, NO GAME
Team Eckstrand Eckstrand, Garnet ragotzy, krista Ragotzy, Steve Eckstrand, Deb
Team Gesmundo Gesmundo, Jim Brezinsky, Ed Davis, Chuck
Team Kraus Kraus, Trevor Dussault, Marike
Team Mulka Beebe, Katlyn Mulka, Matt Wiebold, Jennipher Gillish, Joe
Team Pastrana Pastrana, Pablo Malicki, Matt Ridley, Karen Piper, John

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